Improv: Making the world SEXY, one person at a time!

Lauren Stein aims to bring about charged and creative communities of dynamic human beings, able to adapt to any situation while doing what they love, and loving what they do! Laurentina's Improv Club provides customized workshops, presentations, and performances to build towards that community of individual creators. Enjoy the infusion of energy with each Laurentina's Improv Club experience!


“It was a very enjoyable experience. Lauren was a good teacher. She put everyone at ease allowing them to participate easily!”Koorosh, MeetUp event - November 10
“I’m excited about this mainly because I feel like you’ve helped me a lot in terms of feeling more comfortable speaking to people and Tudor can use some of the same training for work too.”Madame Axe
“Improv, in a word it is great and Lauren (Thelle) knows her stuff. She has kept it fresh for me as I have been to many a drop-in class that she has held and am recently in a troupe she has started. And I have yet to tire of it. That is all.”Derek "Alexander" Ensoll
“[Lauren's] method of introducing people by doing live interactive improv is very effective. I immediately felt a closeness with the people – It makes it easier to talk to people later on.”Sam Benchimal, participant at an event
“Come and embrace creativity and spontaneity.”Moe
“So much FUN!!!! With a bit of practice, it IS possible to feel less self-conscious!:) And Improv attracts such a nice group! They’re all so genuine! :-)Peter Wiley, Dec. 15
“OK I’ll be honest, I was first sort of skeptical within the first 15mins of this “Improv” workshop, and keep thinking – “but I didn’t realize I had to act” .. LOL However once it got going it was lots of fun! I really enjoyed the group’s energy, and willingness to participate. I also met some really nice folks who I would love to see again soon. Finally, more than just good clean fun and jokes, this “improv” workshop allowed us…Mozez Ali
“What a great way to learn a lot about people very quickly. It had a wonderful positive energy and left me feeling up!”Dave Clark
“There is no end to fun with Lauren. Her improvs are awesome for staff parties. I would love to do this again and again.”Saurabh Patel
“THELLE… I mean, Lauren, has this magnificent ability at bringing people together with the random thought-provoking ideas she puts together. Personally, I have seen her build the confidence of others who encounter her and her delightful activities. You rock!”Janet
“Lauren’s improv sessions are fun and entertaining. She has a great way of making you feel comfortable and even if you’re shy, improv won’t be as intimidating. You’ll be surprised at what you learn about yourself and others. It was a great experience and I would definitely recommend it for parties!”Daniela Perez
In response to: How will you apply what you learned in today’s workshop in your day-to-day work environment? “I will Focus on the “yes, and”. Often I think about the quality of the idea and less on helping others develop their idea. This will make me more aware of building on others’ ideas.”Survey Feedback from Nulogy's Corporate Workshop
“Thank you very much for a great party! They were great! Children really enjoyed the show. All 15 were captivated by the performance. :-)

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