About Lauren Stein

Lauren Stein, Improvisational Theatre Artist

AT First, There was Chaos.

Tovu v-vohu.

People would run around stressing themselves out. Too busy with busy work to appreciate the small things. The distinction between light and dark, the smile on the face of a friend, each breath that we take. 

And then, came Lauren. 

Lauren knows how to hug a good tree, how to engage a stranger in divulging the meaning of life, how to fly off to a Pacific island and perform a one-woman show. With a burning desire to change the lives of those around her, Lauren amassed skills in performing improv, theatre, public speaking and story-telling; she enhanced her ability to teach each of these skills; she wrote and workshoped until she honed her facilitation powers; and now she is working towards the art of welcoming people into their own creativity as a form of therapy.

Lauren Stein, the woman who would become Laurentina, is a writer, creator of the webseries “Starving Artist”, and has been written up in the Candian Jewish News and ShalomLife. She used to co-host a weekly variety show. She has been featured on Liquid Lunch one hour into here and again here. She can be contacted at here.


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In response to: How will you apply what you learned in today’s workshop in your day-to-day work environment? “I will Focus on the “yes, and”. Often I think about the quality of the idea and less on helping others develop their idea. This will make me more aware of building on others’ ideas.”
Survey Feedback from Nulogy's Corporate Workshop