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Lauren Stein is a trained public speaker knowledgeable in a variety of topics. Her specialty is improvisation as it can improve life itself. Talks can be customized to a group of any size and age, and can include interactive elements with the audience. Sample topics:

Saying “Yes, And” to a More Fulfilling Life

This talk shares tips and true stories about how using the improv philosophy of “Yes, And” can lead to a better outlook on life, more friends and stronger connections with people, and exciting opportunities that may otherwise have been missed.

An Excerpt from Lauren’s presentation at North by Northeast, June 2012

Improv Makes You Sexy!

How honing skills such as confidence, creativity, and being a better listener will attract friends and lovers. This talk covers basic improv principles and how those principles apply to personality development. Hear stories of their use in hilarious improv scenes, and learn games for honing these skills (while having fun!) on your own.

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“THELLE… I mean, Lauren, has this magnificent ability at bringing people together with the random thought-provoking ideas she puts together. Personally, I have seen her build the confidence of others who encounter her and her delightful activities. You rock!”