Hire the Club!

Laurentina’s Improv Club is Committed to providing:

Workshops where participants can find their own creative voice to build adaptability, confidence and practice authentic self-expression

Presentations to educate on the principle of “Yes, And”, the social lubricant of positive forums that advances the active listening skills of supportive teams

Performances of Improvisational Theatre to engage and infuse excitement in the audience.

As a new service, Lauren Stein is offering personal coaching to boost your creativity. You don’t need to organise a group to feel confident and creative again! To find out how to get your own “imagination work-out” click here.

To inquire more, hire the club by emailing info@laurentinasimprovclub.info.

“I don’t just lead people in improv games. I create a space for people to be honest, open, non-judgmental, creative, and authentic to themselves and each other.”

– Lauren Stein

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  1. Lauren Stein’s improv classes helped me to stay out of jail and flirt with women. Instead of my getting banged up, my girlfriend is knocked up. Now that’s theatre games for the whole family!

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In response to: How will you apply what you learned in today’s workshop in your day-to-day work environment? “I will Focus on the “yes, and”. Often I think about the quality of the idea and less on helping others develop their idea. This will make me more aware of building on others’ ideas.”
Survey Feedback from Nulogy's Corporate Workshop