Performer for Any Occasion

An avid performer with three one-woman shows under her belt, Laurentina can take the stage and create a spontaneous play just for your audience! Pick from any of the performance styles below, or combine them for a unique one-woman variety show!

Improvised Theatre

Introducing Laurentina’s Oddyssey! from Lauren Stein on Vimeo.

February 2012. See more online videos here.

A one-woman show in the traditional sense. Choose a character from Lauren’s repertoire of past performances:

  • Laurentina’s Funhouse: The tale of  circus performer who always wanted to run away and become an accountant!
  • Laurentina’s Oddyssey: Where’s a woman to turn when she’s broke, unemployed, single, and still lives in her parents’ house? Why, witchcraft, of course!
  • Kalgaar: Learn the solution to all of life’s problems from Lenora, the charismatic cult leader, with messages from her worshipful lawn chair!
  • A Day in the Life: This is what Lauren typically does every single day. She just happens to have forgotten a few details (such as her job, location, any impending natural disasters…) and needs your help to fill them in.
  • Your Title Here: Laurentina will create a special, one-night-only play based on the title given by you, the audience. You have to see it to believe it!

Spontaneous Scenes

Skilled at countless traditional improv games, Laurentina has created some unique formats for her audiences. Watch her perform like a busker, juggling multiple audience suggestions throughout her scene. Or hear her tell three stories simultaneously, each created based on ideas from the audience. Be amazed at the scenes she creates with an unsuspecting audience member! This is only a handful of the possibilities as Laurentina weaves magic on your very stage!

Cosmic Q & A

No question is too small! Hear the answer to anything you’ve ever wanted to know, but were afraid you were asking the wrong person! The answers you get may not always apply to life as it is lived on this universe, per se, but they will be enlightening nonetheless!

  • Your Aunt Flo: Always willing to give helpful advice on anything – no matter how personal!
  • Professor Guru: Who better to ask about the meaning of life, the universe, and whatever else, than the philosopher who knows everything?
  • Miss Laurentina: Psychic advisor to the stars and other heavenly bodies. No anti-social spirit resurrections, please!
  • Futureman: I don’t know when her time is, but she will tell you things you cannot predict!

To inquire about a performance for your event, e-mail with location, date(s), size of your audience, desired performance style(s), and any other information you would like to share!

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“Improv, in a word it is great and Lauren (Thelle) knows her stuff. She has kept it fresh for me as I have been to many a drop-in class that she has held and am recently in a troupe she has started. And I have yet to tire of it. That is all.”
Derek "Alexander" Ensoll