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While this site is being redeveloped, you can access the archives of past events, updates, and comics (yes, there are comics!).

September 21: End of Monday Nights, Beginning of a New Series, new places for classes, and other announcements

Labour Day 2012: Farewell to the Funhouse! and other announcements

August 21: Advanced Improv Series, Class in Kaballah, and Dinner with ReBoot creator Gavin Blair!

July 21: 4 Comics, Sexy Video, and Arts and Crafts your Income!

June 25: Improv, Acupuncture, NLP, Meditation… even a Picnic in the Park!

June 2012: Wednesday Night Classes, new start time

May: New Show, Extra Classes, Organise Your Mind

April: Returns from Down Under, 3-Year Anniversary, Magic and Nutrition

February 14: Laurentina’s Oddyssey, video, upcoming trip and blog

February 2012: Laurentina’s Oddyssey, campaign for Patch Adams

January 2012: Winter Wisdom, Deeper into the Elements, and a Year full of Improv

More blasts from the past to come… in the future!

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In response to: How will you apply what you learned in today’s workshop in your day-to-day work environment? “I will Focus on the “yes, and”. Often I think about the quality of the idea and less on helping others develop their idea. This will make me more aware of building on others’ ideas.”
Survey Feedback from Nulogy's Corporate Workshop