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While this site is being redeveloped, you can access the archives of past events, updates, and comics (yes, there are comics!).

September 21: End of Monday Nights, Beginning of a New Series, new places for classes, and other announcements

Labour Day 2012: Farewell to the Funhouse! and other announcements

August 21: Advanced Improv Series, Class in Kaballah, and Dinner with ReBoot creator Gavin Blair!

July 21: 4 Comics, Sexy Video, and Arts and Crafts your Income!

June 25: Improv, Acupuncture, NLP, Meditation… even a Picnic in the Park!

June 2012: Wednesday Night Classes, new start time

May: New Show, Extra Classes, Organise Your Mind

April: Returns from Down Under, 3-Year Anniversary, Magic and Nutrition

February 14: Laurentina’s Oddyssey, video, upcoming trip and blog

February 2012: Laurentina’s Oddyssey, campaign for Patch Adams

January 2012: Winter Wisdom, Deeper into the Elements, and a Year full of Improv

More blasts from the past to come… in the future!

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“I’m excited about this mainly because I feel like you’ve helped me a lot in terms of feeling more comfortable speaking to people and Tudor can use some of the same training for work too.”
Madame Axe