Workshops for Hire

Working with groups sized from four people to one hundred, whether strangers or enemies, teammates or coworkers, family or friends, Lauren can get participants supporting, listening to, and building on one others’ ideas. Don’t be surprised if you learn things about each other that you never knew! A guaranteed fun time, or we will use our patented Time-Reversing Ottoman* to restore the lost hours of your life.

Build skills such as:

  • Creativity
  • Spontaneity
  • Listening
  • Confidence
  • Morale
  • Communication
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Self-Expression
  • Understanding Social Dynamics
  • Sharing Focus
  • Reframing
  • Flexibility
  • Recognising Patterns of Behaviour
  • Improved Outlook on Life

Improv workshops are great for team-building, reunions, breaking the ice, and providing entertainment. People have found that playing improv games is therapeutic, healing, neutralises conflicts, and is great for initiating brainstorming and before any kind of meeting.

To book a workshop or series, e-mail Lauren with the name of the group, preferred date(s), length of workshop(s), skills to focus on, and any other information that would be relevant.

*Warning: Time-Reversing Ottoman still has some bugs. It may accidentally delete your most boring memories, empty the quinoa from your stomach, or knock over a table at Danforth and Broadview instead of reversing time. Not recommended for the weak of liver, and never use without adult supervision.

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In response to: How will you apply what you learned in today’s workshop in your day-to-day work environment? “I will Focus on the “yes, and”. Often I think about the quality of the idea and less on helping others develop their idea. This will make me more aware of building on others’ ideas.”
Survey Feedback from Nulogy's Corporate Workshop