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You’ve probably already heard about how wonderful Lauren’s programs are, but don’t take my word for it. Here is what others have to say about Laurentina’s Improv Club:

What Shalom Life says about Lauren’s classes.

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What Maris Burnham, Special Education teacher, says about Lauren’s program

What the principal of a Trinity Guildhall studio says about Lauren

“OK I’ll be honest, I was first sort of skeptical within the first 15mins of this “Improv” workshop, and keep thinking – “but I didn’t realize I had to act” .. LOL However once it got going it was lots of fun! I really enjoyed the group’s energy, and willingness to participate. I also met some really nice folks who I would love to see again soon. Finally, more than just good clean fun and jokes, this “improv” workshop allowed us all to let go of some inhibitions and tap into the child within us,…
Mozez Ali