Personal Creativity Boost



I’m writing to you because I know that you are an awesome, creative, intelligent, capable person.

Right now, life seems to be getting you down. It might be disease, stress of too many demands, a relocation, or just feeling stuck in a rut. People get on your nerves. You may be lacking sleep or feeling tired even with enough sleep. Maybe it’s just a lack of motivation.

You are not alone.

I want to remind you of how amazing you are. I feel like I understand you, or if I don’t, I would like to. I want to help re-ignite your passion for life. I want to help you see more options, take control of your thoughts, get in touch with your imagination, and see yourself as the innovative, joyful, and successful person you are. I want to see you play and feel alive again.

And I want us to have fun!


If you had the opportunity to get unstuck, or see new possibilities in your life, or re-calibrate your creativity… what would you give to make that possible?


If you want to see, in one hour of imagination unleashed, what is possible, e-mail

“I’m excited about this mainly because I feel like you’ve helped me a lot in terms of feeling more comfortable speaking to people and Tudor can use some of the same training for work too.”
Madame Axe